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Has society always been gynocentric?

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    "Has society always been gynocentric?"

    Yes it has.  And this is ingrained evolutionary behaviour that was necessary to propagate the species at the beginning of humanity. Men are wired to take care of women and children. This happened all throughout our human history. Women are wired to take care of children and themselves.  So far so good.  Until feminism rolled around some 100+ years ago and wanted to change the balance from a "fair" society to an "equal" one instead.

    But now that women have equal Rights, the feminist lobby is using it's influence to exploit this ingrained behaviour by having both men and women concentrate on women's issues only .... as if men have no issues at all.  Gynocentricity.

    Men rarely complain about their issues. It is seen as "unmanly". Women do complain about their issues. And feminists still believe we live in the past as if women have no legal Rights, and the whole society is supposed to take on the Responsibility to take care of women as if they are dependents... rather than take care of themselves like the men do with their own Rights and Responsibilities. Men fall into this trap due to the previously mentioned ingrained behaviour.  And the society remains gynocentric.

    As we can see though, the women of a society that accepted equality were supposed to have given up any special treatment just because they are women.  Otherwise as is occurring in the West, women have BOTH equality when it suits them, but also special treatment (inequality) when -that- suits them.  And that is neither fair nor equality for men who have to adjust their behaviours and expectations in order to provide women with that privilege.


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    A lot of retarded feminist are going to say it's never been gynocentric because their idea of gynocentric is a woman as the CEO and President of every company. That's because feminists don't understand systemic and environmental sources of power that women control.

    Men must go down with their ship and all women and children are allowed to survive? Interesting sacrificial choices in a patriarchal society.

    Who do you think are the ones that enforce all of the social norms and the manners and etiquette in our society? Yes, the women. Nuns, moms, female cashiers, you name it but they are all the women. And which social norms do you think they are enforcing? Women have to wear skirts and heels? Or men need to treat women like ladies and act like gentlemen?

    And who do we focus all of our social justice dollars and medical research on? Prostate cancer is a larger threat to society and more common than breast cancer and happens to be men's number one cause of death besides cardio vascular disease, so why do we focus so much more money on breast cancer? And why do we care so much about women abuse/rape when masculine women have been known to treat men the same way? Who does the narrative support?

    I think it's been very gynocentric ever since the news channels no longer controlled what news counted as news. So I guess it started in the My_Space generation of 2007 and has been this way ever since.

    This page has lasted longer but not many people knew about it.

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    Well it isn't now, at least in the West. It may have been until Neolithic times.

  • Anonymous
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    Yes, but the kind of gynocentrism we see today arose in the Middle Ages.  

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    That must be why we had people chanting Lock Her Up about a woman who has been proven guilty of nothing. 

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    Not yet except for in some far flung matriarchal tribes.

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    Yes, society has always been gynocentric, but more so under feminist influence.  

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    Society has traditionally been about men engaging in certain behaviors like external work and women engaging in domestic work.  However, a span of about 70 years has shifted society completely to one in which women demand to take on the worst characteristics of men and do the things men did for millennia, while no one is left to do the domestic duties, except maybe an illegal immigrant.  Women are the ones that decided women's work was inferior and wanted to do men's work.  Now they are finding it is hard and unfair. Meanwhile, any man who does the women's work is called a lazy deadbeat.  You can't win in this mixed up, muddled up, shook up world.

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    "Society",  Nope,  But it depends on the Tribe and eventually city folk and country folk.

    It is a matter of who and how the importance of the gender is perceived by the community.

    Strangely, cross a river, or climb over a hill, go from forest to cultivated land, and there can be sharply different views, or even by perceived necessity.

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