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Can you hunt doves with a .338 ultra magnum?

I was thinking you could shoot them out of trees from a distance with a rifle or shoot them while they are on the ground. This would make it easier than shooting them in the air.

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  • 3 weeks ago

    Doves and pigeons may be best hunted with a 'air rifle' for survival hunting.  Chicago pigeon hunter used .177 RWS and a 5mm/20 caliber Sheridan doe pest birds , also some squirrels.  Now id you could just log off mothers computer, go back to donkey Kong or Minecraft the mature adults that have actually shot a rifle, shotgun, pistol and have seen guy standing beside them shot in heart/ die can sicuss some of newer annoyances besides baby trolls.

    • falconry2
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      Report all these inane questions when you can. 

  • 3 weeks ago

    Of course you could.

    You would pulverize the target, just bloody mess and feathers.

    You are still left with the problem of where is the projectile going to land.

  • Rick
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    3 weeks ago

    With that, you could blow the tree out from underneath them !!!!

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