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How many trees (witout the subject of any flower) is suitable to be planted,in a 100 sq .m. garden?

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    with as many as 5 you will prevent further growth to the floor below

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    I would say 1 tree every square centimeter. So 100mx100m is 10000cmx10000cm = 100000000cm^2 = 100000000 trees. If you manage that, give #teamtrees a ring so they can stop their funding

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    The domestic garden can assume almost any identity the owner wishes within ... Though flower gardens in different countries may vary in the types of plants that ... Thus it is of little use to plant a forest tree that will grow 100 feet (30 metres) ... feet square, but a narrow flowering cherry or redbud tree would be quite suitable.

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  • 3 weeks ago

    Depends on the tree (or what you would classify as tree) and the shape and location of the garden. A single grown nut or Sequoia can easily overshadow a 10x10 meters square. On the other hand, if those 100 square meters are a 1 meter strip around a 25x25 meter building, you could (in the right climate) plant a hundred apple trees and guide them into espaliers to cover up the walls.

    Ok, besides these extremes, I have (on a roughly 200 square meter garden):

    2 eating Apples (one full size, one half size)

    4 decorative apples

    1 Pear (half size)

    1 Plum (half size)

    1 Quince (half size)

    2 sorb trees (still very young)

    ~10 wild fruits (blackthorn, hazel, wild pear) you might classify as tree or bush, depending on your preference as part of a hedge (the remainder are wild roses)

    a few (small) decorative Acorns are still surviving (definitely not the right climate for them)

    If you check nurseries (online or in real life), you'll see that trees come in different shapes and sizes.

  • 3 weeks ago

    It depends upon the tree, its projected diameter when full grown and what look you are going after. For medium sized trees, you may want to keep it to just 5 trees, so that they have room to grow without getting into each other's way.

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