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Why do you think any of the follow wrestlers never won WWE/WWF world title?

1. Mr. Perfect 

2. Rick Rude 

3. Paul Orndolf 

4. Vader 

5. Bam Bam Bigaelo 

6. Rikishi 

7. Rowdy Rowdy Piper 

8. Taz 

9. Razor Ramon 

10. Doink (you can’t deny the character had charisma, contributed to a lot of sales in merchandise and was good on the mat 

11. Raven 

12. Matt Morgan 

13. One Man Gang 

14. Dan Severn 

15. Ken Shamrock 

16. Lex Luger 

17. Ricky steamboat 

18. Ultimo dragon 

19. Tajiri 

20. Antonio inoki (he won it in Japan but WWE never recognized it) 

21. Bad news brown 

22. Shelton Benjamin 

23. Owen Hart 

24. Lo Ki 

25. Chavo Guerrero  

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    1. Mr. Perfect : A vast majority of the names on this list existed in a time where the midcard scene in the WWE was stacked full of big territory names.  Hennig's no different.  Could he have been a main eventer? Yeah.  He wrestled phenomenally, he had a great look, worked a great gimmick, and cut a mean promo.  I'm not sure any booker in wrestling would've pushed him over Hogan.  I mean, even Verne Gagne didn't and he was a work rate guy who loved to book legacies.  Pre-steroid trial he just didn't have the look that Vince wanted in a main eventer, and post-steroid trial he might've been a target for scrutiny.  He was also a natural heel and Vince didn't like putting heels on top for too long.

    2. Rick Rude: Pretty much copy and paste what I said about Hennig.  Rude may have been the best wrestler on the roster at one point, cut awesome promos, had a great look, but wasn't bigger than Hogan, and most definitely did steroids in a time where Vince didn't want gas heads on top.  He was also a flight risk.  Rude didn't seem to stay in one place for too long.

    3. Paul Orndolf: I'd say a general lack of movie star charisma was a big culprit.  Don't get me wrong, Mr. Wonderful can cut a decent promo, but he's not on par with the guys that Vince used to put at the top of the card.  I hate to bring it up, because it's such a screwed up reason for a guy as talented as Orndorff not to be pushed, but the after affects of his arm and neck injury may have also made Orndorff's physique less appealing to Vince.

    4. Vader: The Kliq, and specifically Shawn Michaels, buried him to corporate.  I don't know if WWF would have ever been able to book Vader as well as WCW, and that's even accounting for the crazy David Lynchian "White Castle of Fear" mess.  Also, again, Vader's a natural heel and Vince doesn't like heels on top.

    5. Bam Bam Bigelow: I get why Bam Bam was never champion.  While an impressive athletic specimen, his matches were midcard worthy at best.  Bam Bam's also a man not known for his promo abilities.  Similar to Vader, he also may have worked a bit too snug and came off a bit too naturally as a heel.6. Rikishi: God bless'em, they tried with Rikishi as a "Bad Man", but he's just kind of not cut out for main event level programming.  To his credit, I did love "Bad Man" Rikishi and wish he had gone further at the top of the card because he's a talented wrestler, but I also can't deny the fact that they tried and didn't get the desired results.

    7. Rowdy Rowdy Piper: He was a heel.  That's the only thing I can figure, to be honest.

    8. Taz : They tried with Taz upon debut, but Taz just doesn't cut the imposing silhouette that he probably thinks he does.  I've also heard Bruce Prichard mention Taz was kind of dangerous and snug in the ring and it was frowned upon quite a bit.  So yeah, size and wrestling style/skills.

    9. Razor Ramon : In WWE's defense/to their detriment, Razor Ramon was a very cartoonish gimmick that was made for midcard wrestling.  Scott Hall could and should have been a world champion, but Razor was pure cheesy machismo.

    10. Doink: Build, limitations of the gimmick, the fact that no company should want a clown holding their biggest prize.

    11. Raven : Too many other options at the time that were more appealing than Raven.  He may have also been a wellness scare and flight risk in their eyes.  Legend has it he was always the temperamental artist type behind the scenes, and that probably cost him.

    12. Matt Morgan : To this day I still have no clue.  He strikes me as being McMahon's wet dream.  Initially it might've been because he was a little green, but when they re-signed him there was really no excuse.

    13. One Man Gang : He doesn't really have a superstar look, charisma, or a remarkable in-ring style.  He was the perfect monster of the week to feed to Hogan.

    14. Dan Severn: Because nobody cared about Dan Severn or MMA in general during the Attitude Era (Ken Shamrock notwithstanding)

    15. Ken Shamrock: Better options in the Attitude Era, plus I've gotten the idea that he might've been a bit of a backstage bully.

    16. Lex Luger: Because The Lex Express was a failure and they couldn't make him the new Hulk Hogan.

    17. Ricky Steamboat : A lack of movie star charisma, a smaller build (comparatively at the time anyway) and a penchant for placing family as a priority over wrestling.  I'm sure Vince viewed him as an Average Joe, and I'm sure Jim Crockett did too.  The difference is that Crockett knew how to make money with that.

    18. Ultimo Dragon : He got there too late and when given a chance at Wrestlemania, tripped on his cape during his entrance.  It sounds petty, but he didn't last long after that.

    19. Tajiri : The fact that Taijiri kayfabed everyone and pretended he didn't speak English his entire run with WWE, along with his size and better headliner options at the time.

    20. Antonio Inoki: Japanese tours were basically house shows.  They probably let Inoki 'win' the title just so that they had some good will with the crowd and simply didn't bother putting it on the books when the tour was over.  Outside of those tours, he never worked with WWE on a full time schedule.

    21. Bad News Brown : As talented as he was, I'm guessing because he wouldn't draw as champion, along with the fact that he was a flight risk.  He has claimed that they promised during contract negotiations at one point that he'd be the first African-American world champion, but didn't follow through.

    22. Shelton Benjamin : They tried with Shelton too, but he just didn't stick as a main event talent.  No charisma.

    23. Owen Hart : I'm sure I've heard it was considered, but his window to win the gold was pretty small.  I'm also sure he never got near it after Bret left to spite Bret.

    24. Low Ki: I'm sure Low Ki thinks he should've been world champion, but no, no he shouldn't have.  Bad attitude, low drawing ability, and a general snug style and disrespectful demeanor.  

    25. Chavo Guerrero: Unless you mean "Classic", this discussion is over.  As good as Chavo Jr. was in-ring at times, he wasn't a main eventer by any means, much less a world title contender.  Not much in the way of charisma, a look, or unique style that would've set him above even his own flesh and blood.

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    Mr Perfect should of won at least once

    Rick rude is the same as Mr perfect 

    I just do not think there was a right time to put it on Paul Orndoff 

    Vader should of won at summerslam 1996 but HBK had to be a douche 

    I dont know about bam bam Bigelow on if there was a right time to make him world champion 

    Love rikishi but I dont think his world champion martial 

    Roddy piper defo Should of been world champion in the early to mid 80s.

    Taz is the same as rikishi 

    I think razor Ramon would of had one at one point if he stayed in wwf or his demons didnt get in the way during his WCW run

    I disagree with doink. His was the 90s santino marella character. The hurricane sold loads of merch in early 2000s. Should of he been world champ?

    Raven wasnt wwe world champion materiel. Sorry

    Matt Morgan sucked in wwe. I liked him in TNA though and think he should of been world champion in TNA

    One man gang is the same as raven 

    Dont know who Dan Serven is. Sorry

    Ken Shamrock is questionable. Would of been cool to see but I dont know if it would work

    Lex Luger was over pushed and Bret Hart desvered it more

    Ricky Steamboat is the same as Paul Orndoff

    Ultimo Dragon was a lower midcarder in wwe at best. Why would he be world champion

    Tajiri was fun but world champion materiel. Lol.. no

    Antonio inoki. Wwe should recognise it

    Bad news Brown. See the same reason as rikishi

    Shelton Benjamin. I like shelton but he lacks mic skills to be an effective world champion.

    Owen Hart Should of been at least once in the mid 90s

    Lo ki was a jobber in wwe as kaval. Why would he be world champion?

    Chavo Guerrero was a midcarder at best. Unlike his far superior uncle.

  • Paul Orndorff Should Have Been Champion But All Vince Cared About Was The Pukester

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