Anyone knows this song?

Long time ago I performed a song at a show. I remember most of the lyrics and I think it is very odd that since then I have never been able to find this song or any information about it. There are no records at all on the internet.

The song seemed from a musical but I am guessing because of the music.

I think the title was "Changing me" or "Change in me" and the lyrics I remember were:

I can see there´s a change in me,

Something´s been rearranging me

And I like it, i like what I am feeling here

I´m turning into a new human being

and I´m feeling so well

It´s been a real big change

I can see there´s a shift in me

Something funny is lifting me

I was foggy, a bum and a loser 

I´m turning into a Lila Palooza (that might not be the right words)

And I´m feeling so strange 

It´s been a real big change


What living teaches is that everything is peaches and cream 

Like a dream coming true, if you try it

Life is a cake and it´s all there for just the taking in free

Is there for you and meeeeeee

There ain´t any more blue in me...

( I cannot remember the rest)

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