What are the powers and responsibilites of an IAS officer?

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  • 3 weeks ago

    There is plenty of information available on how popular the CSE is with candidates, strategies for preparation for IAS and the books to be referred and how to prepare notes. However, let us explore and discuss the duties of an IAS officer, once a candidate gets into the position.

    Specific duties:

    The duties are varied across the various levels of responsibilities that might be handled by IAS officers during their careers:

    Sub-divisional: At the beginning of their career, at the sub-divisional level, the officers are in the position of sub-divisional magistrate. They are tasked with maintaining law and order, general development activities, and administrative affairs under their jurisdiction.

    District: In the next phase an officer’s career progression is to be the District Magistrate or District Collector, but their duties remain more or less the same as the sub-divisional level, including implementation, supervision policies apart from administrative and development responsibilities.

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