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What are the health risks involved with males who go untreated with gonorrhea?

Blood work was conducted at the doctor's office. Today they called me and said that my results showed up positive for gonorrhea. He told me to come back in the next day or two for a shot and four different pills.

ODDLY ENOUGH: I have no symptoms. There Is no discharge, or frequency with urination, or burning sensation.

I was tested two days ago for this, but there is no telling how long I may have had this. So my question is what are the complication or risks involve of having a long-term infection of gonorrhea and not being treated for it?

Further more - Since I was at a young age and fully understood what it meant to have an STD. I always felt it was "cool" or "fun' to have multiple partners. I think it's a "trophy" to have caught a disease. This is my third time in the past ten years , being infected with gonorrhea.

I am mentally ill and sometimes wish to further harm myself with the scenario of leaving an STD untreated .

My thoughts of self destruction and self harm , are unique ideas.


The only STD which I fear is HIV/AIDS. . Anything else ,  I feel is "fun" to have.

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  • In men, gonorrhea may be complicated by epididymitis. In rare cases, this may lead to infertility. If left untreated, gonorrhea can also spread to the blood and cause disseminated gonococcal infection (DGI). DGI is usually characterized by arthritis, tenosynovitis, and/or dermatitis.

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