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Where can I get large metal pans for cat litter?

I have 3 cats, one isolated for aggression and health issues, and two cats out and about.

I have had to use vinegar to remove scents from the plastic cat litters before, and I feel itll be better if I get metal cat litters.

The issue is, I am not finding any on amazon for under $90.

I understand there are cooking pans but I am not sure there are any that could fit my really tall/long 15 lb cat. I need to be able to give him enough room to "go"

Does anyone know where I can get them, for a decent price. Its literally a crap box, I dont feel like they should be worth much.

I also dont want to use turkey pans from the dollar store. I would have to keep throwing those out.

Thank you!

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  • Ocimom
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    3 weeks ago

    Metal pans will be worse!  I would never mix "urine" with metal.  You need to get the larger plastic storage containers for litter pans and use a different litter.  We use the wood stove pellets or horse bedding pellets from the farm store.  The pellets break down when wet and the odor is gone.  When you clean the pans they are DRY and you don't have the urine smell left in the plastic.

  • Anonymous
    3 weeks ago

    You may want to try Nature's Miracle. It breaks down urine so it does not smell. You can also use bleach to remove the smell, but bleach reacts with urine to emit a poisonous gas. Vinegar is non-toxic and it is better than using a metal pan.

  • PR
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    3 weeks ago

    I realize you would like to use metal boxes, but with our five cats we have found clear plastic storage boxes work. They are tall so the litter doesn't spread as easily, and you can get nearly any size to accomodate a larger cat. We are using approximately 11 inches tall and quite large in other dimensions.

    Because of the depth of the box, you can make the litter deep enough that urine won't end up stuck to the bottom, and we often use a light film of cooking oil over the bottom before filling, or even "Pam" cooking oil spray, to help reduce that problem. With the oil coating, the urine will just fall off.

    These plastic storage boxes last quite awhile, and you can sometimes find them on sale if you need to replace them. We use simple laundry detergent to clean them, with a scrub brush.

    If the cat is making slashes on the plastic, trim his claws to reduce this issue.

    I, personally, would not use metal pans as the other person stated, because of likely rusting. This would be a real problem and would probably happen relatively quickly due to oxidative issues from the urine.

  • 3 weeks ago

    Unless the metal is stainless steel, it's going to rust pretty quickly and you'll never get that clean. Stainless stuff tends to be expensive. The only thing I can think of that's stainless and close to the right size is restaurant-type steam table trays. The standard-width full size ones are a little narrow in my opinion for a litter tray for a large cat, and the larger ones are not cheap. Try a restaurant supply place, not amazon.

    What's wrong with plastic? I've been using plastic bus trays for a cat box for 20 years. They cost me $5 each. Easy to wash. A little bleach removes all smells, or use an enzyme cleaner, sold at all pet stores. And they're bigger than steam table trays. The ones I have are a little too shallow at 5 inches, but they come deeper. There are also plastic tote boxes that are deeper.

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  • 3 weeks ago

    Buy a large plastic tote and put a baking pan to lay on the bottom. Also try using a different cat litter that may work better on odors. 

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