look idk a thing about PC gaming upgrades so i need help?

2 years ago i bought a pre built pc which is taboo apparently but whatever it played some of my favorite PC games so its all good

but i wanna upgrade my graphic card as i hear that helps run more detailed games like the new modern warfare whcih i can play it but it lags and i have to play it in low resolution(not sure if lag is caused by my shitty internet or computer)

either way here are my specs

and i hear your computer can only really run certain compatible graphic cards

not sure if you can tell right away from my specs to see what's compatible or maybe there's a website for it

i just need yalls help

and your recommendations

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  • 2 weeks ago

    Some video cards are not marked as needing a UEFI BIOS motherboard.  You may not have that, so you may be restricted to a different card or a new modern motherboard.

    Some video cards might need a more powerful power supply.

    Some newer video cards need more room inside the case.

    An older system might fail under the strain of more modern games.

    Getting my idea?  Dump that old box and start fresh with better equipment if you wish to run modern games at high performance levels.

    Source(s): Building, upgrading PC boxes for several decades. One video card I got surprisingly (not documented) needed UEFI, put it in another box. Another video card covered all the hard disk connection ports--no go in that box. Have bought better power supplies that run cooler.
  • 3 weeks ago

    You'd have to run a few internet speed tests on your system at speedtest.net to see if there are any issues with your internet connection. ISP's are always changing the internet packages they provide and it's the customer's job to keep on top of those deals and changes. If you haven't made any changes to your internet plan in the last 2-3 years and you're still using the same old rental equipment then you can call your ISP and rework the deal you're getting and get new equipment.

    Any modern game is calling for an FX-6300, FX-8320, or FX-8350 in the minimum requirements. The new COD Modern Warfare game that just came out calls for an FX-8320 and either a GTX 960 or the R9 380 in the minimum specs. You FX-4300 is only capable of processing 4 threads which isn't enough for modern games. The CPU architecture behind the A-Series and FX series isn't very efficient and it's known for having low single threaded performance.

    You can upgrade the GPU to something like the RX 570 or higher, upgrade the RAM to 16gb if you'd like, and then you can upgrade the CPU to the FX-8350. However it seems as if the FX series processors will end up below the minimum requirements for games in a few years. 

    My suggestion is for you to weigh the cost between upgrading to a new AM4 motherboard, CPU like the Ryzen 5 1600 or 2600, 16gb of DDR4 RAM, and a new GPU then compare that to upgrading to the FX-8350 or FX-8370, adding more DDR3 RAM to your system, and a new GPU. 

    There are plenty of tech video on youtube by Gamers Nexus, Linus Tech Tips, jayztwocents, philscomputerlab, hardwarecanucks, etc. You can also check out pcpartpicker.com.

    If you do go about upgrading your current system, then I suggest saving money by looking at 2nd hand parts. You can find these on ebay, craigslist, offerup, and reddit's hardware swap. Unless you can find a BNIB FX-8350 for $50-60, there is no point in buying a brand new FX CPU for $100. You can even get some older 300-series Ryzen parts and 1st Generation Ryzen parts for good prices on the 2nd hand market.

    I suggest avoiding older Intel parts because these are now always priced well. Sometimes though, you can find an 8600k or 8700k and a compatible z370 of b360 board for a good price. Parts like the Core i7-7700k and 6700k are generally overpriced. Older Core i5 processors with 4-cores should also be avoided since games are now using 6-8 threads.

  • 3 weeks ago

    That is very hard to read... but anyway:

    Part of your lag is an old processor that can't keep up with those shiny new games. Even with the latest greatest video card, you will still lag. It will look fantastic, but won't play any better.

    You should be able to use any PCIe video card (which is 99% of them) on the market, *provided* your power supply can support one. This system is old, and probably doesn't have the connectors required for most newer video cards, and may not have the wattage they require. I'm not seeing anything about your current video in that list, or the power supply.

    For gaming purposes, your best option is a new box, not an upgrade to this one. You could use the same case and install all-new components, saving yourself the cost of a new case ($25-$50 is all). I'm still using the case from a Gateway 2000 computer (been out of business for a decade or so) but the entire insides have been replaced more than once.

    Bare minimum would be replace both the video AND the processor, to whatever you can find for the AM3+ socket your current model uses. Unknown to me if you can even buy something like an 8320e new or not.

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