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What are these pains in lower body?

Since a very young age I’ve had these leg pains at night and is mainly triggered from walking and standing for long periods. After a long day i rest my legs and this dull pains comes. I can’t describe specifically where the pain is located, usually the pain slightly goes away when I keep my legs moving but when I stop it comes back straight after. My mum says it’s not restless leg because she has it but her symptoms aren’t like mine and she randomly kicks to get it out however mine is not like that.

Recently, I’ve been having hip pains is it triggered  the same as my leg pains too, it hurts to lay on my side so I have to do some stretches on my hips to get rid of it. 


I forgot to mention that being the coldness makes the pain worst 

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  • Linda
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    3 weeks ago

    Sounds like arthritis and I recommend taking advil or ibuprofen until you can see a doctor. They may need to do an MRI or take an xray.

  • 4 weeks ago

    You may want to get your electrolytes measured. When calcium, potassium, sodium and magnesium are low they can cause these problems. Also Vitamin B12 can cause it too.  Do you have diabetes or other condition like this? Please talk to your doctor.

  • 4 weeks ago

    ... legs. It's been 1 year and a half and the pain, numbness and burning sensation seem to get worse. ... pain. There are days where my legs feel so heavy it's hard and painful to walk. ..... The muscles of my legs may ache after a long walk especially if there were hills. ... From the time I was 5 to now at 65, I've had leg pains.

  • 4 weeks ago

    Sounds like lactic acid build up. Do you exercise your legs often, or is standing/walking for a long period out of the ordinary for you? Try squeezing/clenching up for a few seconds and then releasing your leg muscles and see if that movement brings a momentary relief. If so, it's lactic acid. The way to cure it is to cool down your muscles by stretching them slowly, or going for a casual, slow & easy walk for a half hour in the evening.

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  • 4 weeks ago

    It's a stressed muscle. I have the same thing. Sometimes I can locate the muscle that's stressed it feels like a piano wire under the skin. There's a book called Trigger Point Therapy that show how the muscles are connected, and how a stressed muscle can cause referred pain in other parts. For me, it was something called Morton's Toe that was causing my pain- the second is longer than the first, and the ball under it hits the ground first. Regardless, if you feel the muscles in your legs closely enough, you might be able to find the stressed muscle. Put pressure on it for relief. 

  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

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    4 weeks ago

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