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Late period negative pregnancy tests? ?

To begin I’d like to say that there isn’t really any risk of me being pregnant in the first place but I decided to test anyways. I had sex twice since my last period and it was protected, with no complications. I’ve always been somewhat regular with my cycle, I’ve never been more than a couple days late and I’ve never missed a period. I am 19 and have had it since I was 13. 

I am now 8 days late and I have taken 3 tests, all in the morning with my first urine, using a cup to make sure I had the test in it for at least 5 seconds, and I read it within the correct time frame. The first the day after it was supposed to start, the second 3 days after that and the third this morning. 

I guess the real reason I’m concerned is because I had 5 days of light spotting the week before I was supposed to start and that is uncommon for me. 

I am slightly underweight at 5’5” 110 lbs, but have been for years with no issue. 

I know that a long of things can cause a late period, but I have not had any significant weight change, I have never been on birth control, I have never taken a prescription for more than a week and a half so no medications. 

I guess I had been a little more stressed than usual but it wasn’t something I haven’t experienced before without having any issue. It was also weeks before my period was supposed to start, while still in this cycle. 

I have read many articles and nothing seems to put the pieces together for me. I’m taking all suggestions and ideas! Thanks. 

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