if you passed the citizenship interview and got the N-652 approval, is it recommended to go outside US before the oath ceremony?

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  • 3 weeks ago

    N-652 is only notice of your examination results. Next, you need to receive your notice regarding your assignment to your oath interview. If you are not home to get your mail, get your notice, then show up at your assigned time-place for the ceremony, it can take another 6 months to submit your request & get another appointment. As long as your green card is & will continue to be valid so you can return to US, nobody can stop you from going abroad if you want. But miss your notifications, miss your oath ceremony, you get all the trouble you can handle sorting out your mess to reschedule. 

    Do you want to follow through to get your naturalization ceremony & citizenship, then get your US passport? Or do you want to travel? You could have traveled before you started the naturalization process. Now you've got a clock ticking, and you want to risk fouling it all up? Up to you to manage your life and your priorities.

  • 3 weeks ago

    Of course you can travel outside the US as long as you have a valid greencard and passport from the country of your citizenship.  Is it recommended?  It is neither recommended nor discouraged.  You are not a prisoner.

    However,   The N-652 test is only one aspect of the process.  You need to wait for the letter of approval which should arrive about two weeks later.  This will have a date for the naturalisation.  If you want US citizenship, plan to be in the US at the time of your oath ceremony.

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