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Why are most people expected to have so much civility in the early 21st century as opposed to the late 20th century?

2006 and onward the civility mask that people wear outside of their homes has been on the rise hardcore. We originally lost our civility coming out of the black and white film era where almost everyone was trained to act fake in the mid to late 1960's and most people basically didn't have much civility at all up until the late 1980's and early to mid 1990's. People were so open in the year 1988 that they were saying the same things out in public that they would only say on the toilet today in fear of offending someone and getting in trouble with the morally-offended masses. The 1989 through 2005 period was more balanced. It has a balanced amount of realism but society wasn't as utterly as "unrefined" as it was in the 1970's by those days standards. The late 2000's and 2010's expect me to be civil and proper whenever I leave my house. I am not a building or a park bench. I'm alive with a pulse. I want to be uninhibited and spontaneous. The problem is that most people who lack civility nowadays have relatively bad lives. They are not part of the media or wealthy anymore. They basically represent someone who lives in a 1-bedroom apartment or a trailer park and has a job cleaning toilets or picking up horse manure because their realism is not wanted anywhere nice. Donald Trump's lack of civility is one of the main things that the current wave liberal masses can't stand about him. He says whatever is on his mind.

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    Obama talked very cordial and reserved. His couching worked well by the deep state. The way Trump talks is how we feel in our minds.

    Smooth talking liars have deceived the public for centuries.

    At least you know what to expect with Trump at face value.

    He's not a backstabbing con artist or Globalist like Merkel, Obama and other dictator like Zionist/marxist/socialist leftists.

  • Anonymous
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    Political Correctness is gone mad era no more Apu on The Simpsons a woman playing Bond.

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    I don't have any idea what you're talking about. That makes two of us.

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    From your question, I presume that you are Progressive, and we have probably contributed to the problem. The PC Police have tightened the boundaries of civil discourse to the point that any unthought remark can be out of bounds. This has, of course, impeded the Progressive cause of promoting equality and opportunity. For a good course in how far this has progressed, go to YouTube and watch the Dean Martin Roasts.

    I fear for the generation that must have safe spaces, and their feelings heeded and catered to. I respect their humanity, but question how they can exist when exposed to what this world can hurl at them. I personally think that civics education should come before civility training. The latter was a parental job, and they blew it.

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