Can people taigate you while knowing you have other drivers ahead and to the side of you?


* Tailgate not taigate, sorry

* Two drivers did this to me on the freeway tonight, I had few cars ahead and some semis to the right, what they did truly expect would happen?

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  • 4 weeks ago
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    They have the ability to do that. Is it wise or legal? Now you can answer that.

    Source(s): I was in far right lane, doing 60 in a 65. Next to me was a semi. Guy in pickup came behind me, flashed headlights for me to move. Where? The shoulder? Just another idiot late for formation inside Camp Pendleton. Regularly I see vehicles on I-5 north of Oceanside doing between 100 and 120, then they take the base exit.
    • I will admit, I had the chance to move over several times, but it was scary, having cars ahead of you and semis to your right, and having someone right behind you, two. It was getting dark when I was heading back, but sometimes drivers can be so out of it, even of the other drivers around you.

  • don r
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    5 days ago

    They can, but it is stupid and dangerous. Call the cops next time this reckless situation comes up. You CAN use a cellphone in emergencies while driving. Sometimes they do it out of aggression, but other times, they're selfishly afraid to leave space others may need to change lanes.

    • What I don't get though is how they can expect you to go anywhere, if you have nowhere to go on any side. You obviously cannot go backwards, going forwards will be a domino effect, merging will be just as reckless. It is stupid on their part and dangerous for all involved. Thank you for your answer.

  • zipper
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    3 weeks ago

    A tailgater does not care about any of that, they love driving up your ***. I always put the flashers on when they do this, some of them do get the message; some others are beyond hope.

    • I will try that, it might confuse everyone else around though. I just find it so hilarious how you are sandwiched in and the ******/s behind you just want you out of the way, as if you could do anything about it.

  • Edna
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    3 weeks ago

    Sometimes, when someone is tail-gating you, it's because a driver behind him is tail-gating him; and so he's more or less forced to tail-gait you. The "domino" effect. 

    • I haven't considered that, just goes to show how smart I am. It's interesting though how the driver behind the one behind me manuevered in front of me first and then the driver behind me, perhaps they were in a hurry more. He/she honked, but I think it was because I was playing the "braking" game.

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  • John
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    4 weeks ago

    Extremely rarely.

    • I think so too. I do not think they consciously were aware of the drivers in front of me, since we were casually going with the flow, but I am sure they noticed the semis on the right of me. They probably expected me to move over already, weird if they expected me to do anything if traffic impeded.

  • k w
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    4 weeks ago

    just slowly slow down, they'll go around you............

  • 4 weeks ago

     You might touch your brakes just enough for the lights to come on .  It might wake them up.  

    You might slow down, pull over and let them pass. (you said that the semi's were to the right of you, so you were in the left lane)

    • Yes, I was in the farthest left lane and it is not as if I was going to slow. I guess I had chances to move over, but so did they, I had cars ahead, but it was not until I had semis to the right that I was getting nervous.

  • Ron
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    4 weeks ago

    No, that is against the laws of man and nature

  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    Of course they CAN,  even though they shouldn't. But then the majority of drivers do things they shouldn't do. That's why there are so many accidents and why insurance is so expensive for everybody. 

    Source(s): Common sense. Get some.
    • But do they still do it while knowing you have traffic aside you or in front or both? That is what makes me nervous.

  • Dimo
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    4 weeks ago

    Once had a lady tailgating me, about 10 feet behind me.  I stopped in front of a tailgater, got out, walked back and said "Stop Tailgating!"   She said "I wasn't tailgating."

    KNOW THE TRUTH -- Tailgaters do not know that they are tailgating.

    Others can tailgate you.  The person behind you does NOT know they are tailgating.

    • They also do not know that anyone might be in front of you or alongside of you, and you might not have anywhere even to pull over. I sometimes myself tailgate without knowing it, but I try to catch myself when I do it.

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