recommended electric shaver for sensitive skin?m?

i ve been using a basic razor blade to shave (i like my face with no hair whatsoever), however i just realized after years of shaving how irritated my skin is. I have razor burns and rashes all over my cheek and down to my neck.

so i want to get an electric shaver since theyre supposedly better for sensitive skin.

what specific electric razors do you guys recommend that will get all of my stubble/facial hair out AND does not irritate skin? preferably something under $100.

1 Answer

  • 3 weeks ago

    Over the years, I've used a blade, Norelco, Remington & Ronson electrics . . . . I like the Norelco best.

    Tip:  if you don't use a pre-shave with an electric, you really have to work at it to get a close shave - and you end-up with razor burn.  Most common pre-shaves are the liquids (basically alcohol that dries your beard/skin) which gives me a closer shave - and razor burn on my neck.  I have best luck with powder pre-shave:  gets as close as a blade but no irritation or burn.

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