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Where can I buy tanks of CFCs, Sulfur Dioxide, Nitrous.... and all the fun chemicals to dump in the atmosphere?

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    China has this already working on an industrial scale.

    The experts have decreed that CFCs are bad. They are so bad that they will pay you to ethically dispose of it. What could go wrong?

    Well, China has realised that if it makes excessive amounts of CFCs then they will get paid for getting rid of it. That is more profitable than actually selling it.

  • Daro
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    4 weeks ago

    What the planet really needs is a lot more CO2 (the stuff of life). The levels are dangerously low, around 400 ppm.

    Most of the time when the Earth was greener it was in the thousands of ppms.

  • Mike
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    4 weeks ago

    Just go to China

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