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Out of curiosity, how tall of a person can a car hold? Accounting for adjustable seats.?

A friend of mine and me were wondering about this but Google gave us every other car related search result. This is also accounting for adjustable seats as well.

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    2 weeks ago

    depends on how the person adjusts...i'm a short person so i have to pull up the chair whereas my brothers are taller so they have to pull the chair back...

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    3 weeks ago

    Check out the Austin Mini that Mr Bean drove on YouTube videos.  That is the real Mini made by Leyland Motors out of Britain.  A 7 foot person could fit into it, also a guy that weighed 385 lbs, so big around the mid section drove it daily.  It is a tiny car. Matchbox size.  The Mini you see today kind of copies the old Mini and took its name, as the company was bought by BMW, but it is a different car entirely in suspension and in engine size and interior.

    The old VW Type 1 sedan(nicknamed by the owners " a Beetle") Factory called it "Type 1 2 door sedan."   Compare that model say 1970 era with the "New Beetle"  Now the VW factory is calling it a "Beetle".    Side by side they look a little similar but much different.  In the '70 beetle a 6'6" dude could fit into it.  7' is an oddball dude. There is more that are 6'6"

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    Some reviews list "leg room" and "head room" for different makes. Those two items can be used to determine how tall of a person can be comfortable.

  • Anonymous
    3 weeks ago

    Not all cars are designed with the same amount of headroom and seats vary widely too, so it depends on the car in question. There is no average. 

    Source(s): COMMON SENSE. Get some.
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