Can I Call The Cops To Escort My “Partner’s?” Friend Out?

I moved with my boyfriend in February. His name is on the lease only, but I pay for furniture, groceries, and often his transportation. I pay for everything...

In August, my partner (?) had brought in a homeless lesbian couple into the house. He spent money on them left and right and eventually there was controversy with me and them. Eventually he allowed them to threaten me and tell me to get out of my own home. He never said anything nice to me and started bullying me with them as he also tells me to get out of the house and force me out by going to court. When I was about to leave, he claimed he didn’t want me to go and said he is constantly spending money on them and they have yet to pay him anything towards the bill. I started to talk with them and I found out what he was doing while we had an issue between us. Then he decided to turn on them and force them out by calling the police. He had things he wanted to hide. But eventually we made up and went about our lives.

The girls are suddenly back and it’s turned to August once more. Except one of the girls isn’t here as she doesn’t trust him. The girl that wanted to stay here has threatened me over something I did not do and has the nerve to switch up on me even after going through what they went through with him. As well as being shady with her girlfriend and getting close to my partner as he buys her things again.

Can I call the police to kick her out again, even if I’m not on the lease?

Nd yes I’m leaving soon

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    No, you can't.   If only his name is on the lease, only he has standing.  BUT once he has allowed someone in the home, and they start using it as their residence, he cannot call the police and have them forcibly removed - they have rights.  He has to give them time (you too btw) to find other housing - police will not help turn someone "out onto the street" with no where to go.  Certainly not without due process.

    Sounds like you have hit upon the best solution - move out, find your own place... pay your own way.   And if you have not considered it already - consider upgrading to BF 2.0 or better.  This one sounds like he has some issues.

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    If he is a resident, he can invite guests. Who paid for what isn't legally relevant. If they have been in the home since August, aka more than 2 full months, THEY are legally residents in many jurisdictions. That means even your landlord can't remove them without formal eviction proceedings in court.

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      No I said they came back. This girl has been here a week. 

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    You said it was your home. You know that is false. Why are you with a guy like that? It sounds like a terrible case of insanity and abuse. Move out and get on with your life - away from all of them. It is not your house - you haven't ANY rights there and certainly not to have anyone kicked out.

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    Does she live there? Then no.

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