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What is with these people that need a 50 foot screen and perfect sound to enjoy a movie?

It seems quite ridiculous

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  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    For Ford vs Ferrari, you'd think the audience would want an immersive experience, or Top Gun....etc....Β  I would go to the theater for an epic experience, not just any movie is epic quality though. I remember going to Frys Electronics store years ago, and trying out their home theater experience -- I think the audio was Bose sound system, but I don't quite remember, but it was great. I never invested money into such a thing though, but I'm sure that those who have them, really get enjoyment from them.Β 

  • Olive
    Lv 6
    4 weeks ago

    So they can enjoy theatre experience in their own place without having to go anywhere

  • 4 weeks ago

    Haha!!!! I know.

    I can remember hiring videos from the rental place and you had to alter the tracking just to move the silvery crackly lines up or down or you couldn't see a picture at ALL.

    Those films were great some of them!

  • 4 weeks ago


    I felt like this a couple years ago. But now that I'm older, it helps with reading captions. I caption EVERYTHING.

    But yeah... I used to prefer smaller tv's for minimal volume, price and mobility.

    😎 I thank God for devices and movie apps though. 😍 We can switch off.

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