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How to deal with a hyperactive, aggressive and completely Tarzan-like 3-year old?

I’m seriously concerned about the mental development of my niece. She doesn’t talk, only mumbles a few words. She is unable to sit still or concentrate for more than 1 minute, with the exception of cooking and watching YouTube videos. My sister lets the kid use the iPad all day, because she can’t be bothered to try and entertain her. I’m the only one who tries to play with her, and the only one still trying to teach her new things. They live with me, but with the long hours I work, in only left with very little time to work with the kid, and since she hasn’t spent any energy during the day, she unleashes it all on me. The problem is that her idea of fun is hitting me with random stuff, pulling my hair and jumping and climbing all over me. Plus there is no way she can focus on anything after watching those brainwashing videos all day. Another thing is that my family yells at me whenever I try to discipline her, even though I only do so by trying to firmly explain what she has done wrong. I have no idea what to do with her, I’ve never been a children-oriented person, so my brain is blank. All I know is that I want to help her catch up with kids her age, I know she is a smart girl underneath. I’m just absolutely clueless on how to do that, so any advice would be much appreciated (if anyone can be bothered to read this awfully long mess of a rant, haha).

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    Ok for one you need to talk to your sister about disciplining her own kid because the main problem is that she's not disciplining her kid. If your sister isn't willing to do that, kick her out of your house and tell her that she'll have to live somewhere else since she's not disciplining her child.

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    A belt to the backside. Its the cure all

    Being hyper is NORMAL for a child that doesn't get enough exercise and has too much junk food and shouldn't be allowed to have any electronics. She does not have ADD or ADHD since there is no such thing as either, she's NORMAL 

    She doesn't speak much since no one MAKES her speak and just caters to her 

    If she pulls hair then you grab her hair and yank it and she will stop real fast

    IF she throws things then you smack her and make sure there is nothing around for her to throw 

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    This kid needs the one in a million person who can be both kind and disciplining. You may require an extremely young, energetic person to help out.

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    3 weeks ago

    well if it were my kid, id just tape her mouth up until she behaves

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