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Muay Thai vs Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, which is superior?

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    The Thai-boxer would have to be "fighting fit", and weigh at least 1.5 times more than the BJJ fighter in order to "avoid being taken to the ground" and/or to "score a quick knockout" on his BJJ opponent.  The longer the fight goes, the more it favors the BJJ fighter.  In 99% of all scenarios where the Thai-boxer and BJJ fighter are close in size, the BJJ fighter would take the Thai-boxer to the ground, and force him to submit. 

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    I guess that depends where the fight takes place. Being as is that fights start standing, id give the edge to the striker.

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    Both offer techniques that "could be superior", it just depends on the teacher and student.

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    Which is superior the shark or the ape.

    Edit:> Zorro, you are comparing apples to oranges.

    They are both one dimensional sports on a flat ring.


    Grappling is both a standing and ground fighting, Striking is both standing and ground fighting. Sports narrow it down to one or the other limiting the techniques allowed.

    Martial arts does not limit techniques to ground or standing, it also does not limit the terrain you are fighting on. 

    When we practice we practice in the dojo, and outside, we spar on snow and ice, on the beach both on land and the water. Inside we practice on stairs and in close quarters, with and with out obstetrical. as well as weapons.

    Muay thai and bjj are not superior they are limited and bound by a ring and rules

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      Are you in water or on land... because that will make the difference. What's your analogy.. if your on the ground, BJJ is basically ground and pound - so fighting while standing is better with Muay Thai?

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    Depends on who is doing the Muay Thai and who is doing the Brazilian Jitsu

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