Are Italians Hispanic or Latino?

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    4 weeks ago
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    Neither! Italians are Latin, but not Latino. Hispanic refers to people who are from Spanish-speaking nations, while Latino (U.S  American Term) refers to people who are from Latin America. However, an Italian can be Latino if they are from Latin America, such as Pope Francis. 

    What is the difference between Latin and Latino? Latins are from Romance-speaking Europe, the areas of Europe where Romance languages are spoken. These nations are Italy, Spain, France, Portugal, Andorra, and Romania. They speak languages derive from Latin, the language of the Roman Empire. I guess we can say Italians are among the original Latins.

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    According to an old inquiry in 1900, Italians born north of the geographical line La Spezia-Rimini were considered "white" as the English o the Germans, Italians who were born in Sicily were considered "not white". But the ONU declaration of Human Rights have erased these old distinctions, Human beings are human beings.

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    This might help you understand better:

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    Blood line Italics are Latini (note the i). However, Italy is a modern country with lots of different people living there.

    The Latins are the people who built the city of Rome. The same Romans who conquered the Britons and most of Europe.

    Latino is ablative inflection of Latini or Latinus. The word has nothing to with people in the Americas, the term Latin America wasn't used during colonization. The idea has no historic value. In fact both the US and Confederate south picked national mottos written in "Lingua Latina" to represent their nation.

    Source(s): Real History
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  • Dr. D
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    4 weeks ago

    Neither. Hispanic refers to the Spanish culture (it does not include Portuguese) . Latino refers to people with ties to Latin America. 

    Italians are neither Hispanic or Latino. They are simply called Italians. 

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      Lol, you clearly never studied history. Portugal was part of Hispania and Valle Latina is located in Italy, it never moved to the Americas.

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    I thought they were black.

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    Neither. They're Italian. They're not from Spain or Latin America.

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    Latinx but not Hispanic.

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    Hispanic = people who speak Spanish and come from Spanish speaking culture.

    Latino = People that come from Latin America.

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    Latins, not Latino.

    An certainly not Hispanic either.

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