Lost manga (NSFW)?

It was about a world in which a war raged between the sexes. For some reason this was faught by *******, and whoever came last won. It was in full colour. The protagonist was basically the first person in recent times that "won" from females. 

At some point he got a title and everyone looked up to him? After he won they could "fight" in a private room... Idk man that's all I remember. Help :(


So basically; who can help me find this? 

Update 2:

Does someone have the title or without for this manga?

Update 3:

Does anybody have the title or author for this mama?

Update 4:

Manga*,i can't type

1 Answer

  • Jay
    Lv 6
    3 weeks ago

    and the question is...............

    • Tess3 weeks agoReport

      :( come on man it was pretty clear; I updated it anyways

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