Could I have been misdiagnosed with HSV 2 if I have mono? ?

Last Friday I woke up with a fever, body aches, sore throat, swollen lymph nodes, and burning when I urinated. My doctor had me go get blood work for mono, as well as for STDs, as I was paranoid it might be more, because about a month ago I got involved with this guy. We had sex WITH a condom however we did do oral sex as well. He didn't have any visible lesions that I saw. 

Wednesday, the results came back positive for HSV 2, my igG antibodies were high (1.36). My doctor called me today and I told her my results for HSV 2 and she told me I came back positive for mono which gave me the crappy feeling I had the week before. 

I haven't had any sores on my vagina, the only genital symptoms I've had is burning and a slight discharge but nothing crazy abnormal, just white with a slightly different odor. I even went to my OBGYN Monday and she said she didn't see anything down there. I started to get ulcer like sores inside my mouth on Monday as well, however all my doctors seemed to think that had to do with stress from worrying, most went away but I do have one inside my lip still, which doesn't cause a lot of pain really, but I can see it has a red-like center, but upon googling pictures of cold sores (herpes) and canker sores, these look more like canker sores and are more inside my mouth. 

I realized mono is a type of herpes (EBV), so I didn't know if there was some kind of misdiagnosis or if the antibodies for HSV 2 were elevated from the EBV? 

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  • Mono is caused by a type of herpes but it's not related to or caused by HSV2. Mono is caused by the Epstein-Barr virus. HSV2 is genital herpes. Canker sores have nothing to do with mono or herpes. With HSV2, you can have it with out having a break out. 

    I don't think there was any miss diagnosis, but as said before blood tests can be tricky to intemperate. Maybe you should call your doctor and get them to clarify your results for you. If you have mono and HSV2, that can make you feel like you're getting the flu. You could have have been exposed to HSV2 and developed antibodies over time, enough to give you a positive result. If you had sex with a partner that didn't know they had it, you could have gotten it from them. Mono is usually passed through kissing some one that's infected with it. 

    If you think you were given a miss diagnosis, then maybe think about getting a second opinion. If you get the same results, then you have mono and HSV2. There's no cure for HSV2 and mono. For mono, you should be getting some rest, specially if you're in the beginning stages of it. If you ever do get a break out of HSV2, you should see your doctor and get some anti viral medication.

  • 3 weeks ago

    No, it shouldnt. However, your IGG is high, not the IGM. The IGM is the acute infection marker and the IGG is somewhere in the past marker, so I doubt that represents a month ago  encounter. That being said, blood tests, for this very reason, are very hard to interpret. Much more realistic is nucleic acid testing from an active lesion. The IGG can represent an encounter in the past to way past, without an actual lesion developing. You mouth sounds like canker sores.  So based on your results, somewhere in your past you came in contact with HSV2, when is unknown, and if you actually had an outbreak is unknown. You may never have an outbreak, ever.

    • Diane A
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      No such as a low negative, negative is negative. When I said high I just took your text, meaning elevated, so if those are the levels, it’s low positive, again meaning no way to predict actual active virus or just an exposure at some time

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