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Which character should I audition for in "The Tempest"?

I am a freshman at my college, and we are about to hold auditions for The Tempest. I'm not sure which character to shoot for (probably not a major role.. #freshie). (I am a relatively small female.) Which character is your favorite? Any tips/ advice? 

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    More to the point, which character would YOU like to play?

    Or haven't you read it yet?

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      Oh but maybe she has ... though I notice she hasn't come back indignantly to say so ...

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    Well, hopefully they will be going in for diverse casting because there is only one female character - (unless they decide Ariel's female) with three goddesses who come on at the end with a few lines accompanied by nymphs who dance...

    Read the play and decide which of the male characters could be played by a woman - I've seen a female Prospero who was very effectives (but that is, of course the lead), one of the two drunks could easily be female, Gonzalo, the 'honest old Councillor' could be a motherly woman, Antonio, Prospero's treacherous brother could be Antonia, which would give an interesting slant to her relationship with Sebastian...if you can sing, and are a good physical actor Ariel would be a possibility ...just have a go...

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