Batman VS Superman story?

(No Plot Armor)

Batman: How to stop Superman?... He's too stronge and fast for me to fight head on. Green Krytonite weakens him so I can use that against him. But wait, I've seen him power out of it before. Even if it weakens him, he's still to strong and fast for me. I can shoot him with a Kryptonite bullet. But what if he dodges it? I need him to be standing still for that to work. I know, I can become his friend and when he least expect it, I'll shot him with it. Wait, now that makes me sound like a villian. I can wear a super suit to fight him, but he'll probably just tear it up like paper before I can even make a move. He still has that speed I need to worry about. I need to make him weaker some how? He get his powers from the Earth's yellow sun and while he's on Earth, I can't get him to become weak enough to defeat him. I can build a gate way to another planet with a red sun. Then I need to some how trick him into following me there. Then I have to wait until his powers are depleted enough to the point in which I can defeat him. But how to trick him into going through? I can't say, "Oh, that planet needs our help." Then beat him up on the other side. That will make me a villian... Okay, what if I was a villian?.... I'm pretty sure he will snap me like a twig before I can even get the chance to do something.... Alfred! I need some help!

Alfred: You can always just be his friend. A real friend.

Batman: A real friend?... You know, that's not a bad idea.

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