I noticed small swelling at the end of collarbone, near sternum last week; Hasn't changed much, & no pain or tenderness, no fever.  ?

The swelling seemed to pop up overnight; I have no other symptoms at all, no fever, no pain or tenderness.  It seemed to be going away, but it is still there. I was doing alot of push-ups for a fitness challenge for the month of Oct., also some shoveling snow last week.  I also have a couple of very bad cavities in my teeth that need to be pulled, but I have no insurance so I have been putting that off.  But my teeth don't hurt at all either.  So with no symptoms at all of anything, any thoughts on what this could be?  Also, I fell a couple of months ago, and put my arms out straight to stop me from face-planting on the sidewalk.  Could this be a delayed symptom of falling and possibly injuring the collarbone?  I read something yesterday about a "soft-tissue" injury.  any insight would be appreciated.

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