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Fantasy Football Trade PPR?

10 team league I’m 6-4 and my last 2 games are against with a combined record of 3-17 so I’m thinking playoffs.

QB: Jackson

RB: Barkley, Bell, Ingram, Lindsay, Guice

WR: Hill, Adams, M.Williams, A.Tate, Dez

TE: Henry, Waller

DST: Rams, Ravens

K: Zuerlein

Looking at playoffs I hate Hill’s schedule so I’m thinking of making a change to offset it. The team with Michael Thomas is very weak at RB2 and TE but is 5-5 because he has Marty Ice, Thomas, Julio and Cooper. I’m thinking of sending Ingram, Adams and Waller for Thomas. Thoughts?

2 Answers

  • 1 week ago

    The other guy likely won't trade 3-for-1 for his best player. He would have to cut two stars to make room.

  • 3 weeks ago

    It might not be Good Idea to get Rid of Ingram and Adams But, You're saying that, Your RB are still weak because of Facing Sorry Teams But, Get Thomas would be Huge for Fantasy Wise. 

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