what time do American kids go to school?

In Britain u have to were uniform at all times and only allowed to bring phones in year 6 and year 5

(in England we call it year not gread in school)

most high schools in Britain (they call it secondary but I prefer to keep it high school)

are mostly sepreat gender and still eqiuer uniforms.

you can stop going to collage and university when ur 16.

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    Education in the US is not centralized. Each state has its own policies, each school district, and each school. Our school district had a school uniform, although each school could choose which colors the shirts could be. Now they merged with another school system, and the high schools mostly dropped the uniform, but the elementary schools still have a uniform.

    School start times are also different- generally earlier in the South. Our schools used to start at 7:15, but now some schools start at 8 and some at 8:30. Where I am, the school year starts the first week of August. Up north, many schools don't start until September. 

    High school here goes through 12th grade, age 18, and most students are expected to stay until they graduate. College and university mean the same thing- it's the school the best students go to after high school- from age 18-22. 

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    It is rare that a public school has any kind of uniform. Private schools usually have a dress code rather than a uniform. Navy pants and a light blue shirt with a collar.

    High school starts about 7:30am. Elementary school about 8am. and middle school about 9am.

    Exact times differ, each school district set their hours.

    Cell phones are permitted at school, but are not to be used or out during class time.

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    Your question says "time" but your explanation talks about ages, so I'll answer both.


    I have been to public and private schools all over the country and each one is different-- 7:00 am to 9:00 am depending on the school, though I think 7:30 and 8:00 are the most common times.


    Depending on the state, school is compulsory between 5 or 8 years old and 15 or 18 years old. I think most common is from 6 to 18. 

    The organization is just like it is in the movies.

    Pre-K (pre-kindergarten): Optional and starts at 5 years old.

    Kindergarten: 6 years old

    Elementary school: 1st to 5th grade, 7-11 years old

    Middle school / Junior High: 6th to 8th grade, 12-14 years old

    High school: 9th to 12th grade, 15-18 years old

    Higher education is optional and is generally referred to as college. It traditionally starts at 18 and lasts 4 years, but that standard is changing. There are a few different ways it can work and shorter technical programs are becoming more accepted. Past the 4 year Bachelor's degree, there are more advanced Master's, Doctorate, etc programs.


    There are two main school types: private and public. (There are also charter schools and homeschooling, but they are more complicated and less common systems, so we'll leave them out this time.) More than 85% of American children go to public schools.

    Public schools are government-run and funded, and free for any child living in the United States, even if they are in the country illegally, are very behind academically, or have disabilities. Public schools are also obligated to accept all students. These schools have to adhere to state and federal education standards, like (way too many) yearly assessment tests. Almost all of them have looser rules on things like clothing-- almost none of them have uniforms, but there are general dress codes, like no underwear showing or no tank tops (ya, that's a weird one). They are almost always mixed-gender.

    Private schools are privately-run and funded and generally require a tuition paid by parents and sometimes tests to get accepted. They are allowed to have nearly any rules they want (within reason). For example, many have strict appearance policies besides the uniform, like boys' hair being above the collar, no nail polish, and no unnatural hair colors. 

    Rules about cellphones depend on the school.

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