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Does Bulgaria allow gypsies in they're military?

Does anyone know if there are gypsies in European militaries or do they simply have too low of IQ to enlist in these militaries?I'm trying to do research on gypsies who served in European militaries . The closest thing I found was Gypsies that served in the Ottoman Empire as cannon fodder troops. 

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    I've known Roma in the Canadian Forces.  It turns out, they are just as smart as anyone else.

    • Yugi3 weeks agoReport

      I also just found a website that shows Gypsies were in the Bulgarian Army in 1887-1945

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    Yes, Bulgaria's military has a sizable number of Rom in the military, especially large in the air force, a larger %  than in the population as a whole. 

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    "they are military" what???????????? lmfao

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