What brand makes better acoustic guitars: D'Angelico or Seagull?

I'm about to buy a new acoustic guitar to replace my beginner yamaha one, and I'm trying to decide between buying a seagull or d'angelico in the $400-$500 price range. Any recommendations for which brand or model I should go with?

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  • mars
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    4 weeks ago

    I'm not a fan of Seagull/A&L guitars tone with their Big-Leaf Maple body. D'Angelico's a good investment.

  • 4 weeks ago

    In the $400-$500 price range, most any guitar is going to be decent quality. The differences start to be ones of personal choice.  Do you prefer a twangy or warm tone? Do you prefer a thin profile neck, or a chunkier one? Do you like a large body dreadnought, or something easier to swing your arm over?  These are the questions that determine which guitar is *best* for you.  My suggestion is to go into a Guitar Center or your local shop and try every guitar that you can.....even a few that are 'out of your price' range.

    I really like the Seagull guitars that I've tried out.  Never tried a D'Angelico. One more thought....depending on which Yamaha you have,  you may need to spend a little more to get a true upgrade.  The solid wood topped Yamaha 700 and 800 series are very good guitars to begin with. 

  • 4 weeks ago

    Those are both fine brands in that price range, possibly with a slight edge to the D'Angelico. I'm less in love with the Seagulls since they have a tendency to use cedar for the tops instead of spruce, and I find that cedar is too warm for me. (Not all Seagulls use cedar - some use spruce.)

    There are also some Eastman acoustics in your price range. I have found no better guitar in terms of price-performance. I would look at them before either of the brands you mentioned. They are harder to find but their web site has a dealer locator.

    Good luck!

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    Source(s): Playing acoustic guitar for 57 years
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