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Under YouTube's new rules (having to mark videos kid-targeted/not kid-targeted), would a video of a fire truck be considered kid-targeted?

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    It would depend on what it was doing. And it actually just asks whether it contains over 18 content. Not whether it’s kid targeted.

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    depends on what the firetruck is doing.

    is it having sex with another firetruck? you may think i'm joking, but i've seen it.

    are there people in this video? are they using kid-friendly words? is it educational, or do the firemen strip?

    these are the kinds of things to ask.

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    It is up to you whether you want it to be or not. I would not trust youtube to do it automatically for you. You can mark your whole channel as kid-targeted or not kid-targeted. Or you can mark the individual videos. The issue here is that youtube is getting sued because advertisers are not allowed to track information on kids under 13. And even though you have to be 13 to make a youtube account some kids under 13 are using youtube and youtube is tracking their information to give them ads that are in their interests. So in order to prevent further legal action against them youtube is asking creators to mark their videos as kid-targeted or not kid-targeted because if the video is kid-targeted then they wont track the information of kids watching that video. I have also heard that if your videos are marked as not kid-targeted and kids under 13 watch your videos and advertisers track the information of kids under 13 watching your videos then you as a youtube creator can be fined. Which is BS because it is not the creator's fault that youtube tracks people's information. If you think it is kid-targeted or that primarily kids are going to be watching it then you should probably mark it as such so that advertisers will not track kids information watching your videos so that you as a creator will be protected. Also this is stupid because without targeted ads kids under 13 might be watching ads for viagra instead of ads about toys. 

    You should also sign the petition and write a comment to the FTC to fight this.

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