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Should I audition for a musical if I can’t sing?

My high school is putting on Pippin and auditions are coming up soon. I’m a pretty good actor but I can’t sing and my dancing is okay but could be improved. Should I audition for an ensemble part or should I just not audition? They’re very time consuming and I don’t want to waste my time if I don’t have the talent to get cast. Advice?

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    If you can't sing then don't embarrass yourself by being part of a musical unless you get a non-singing part.

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    Can you improve your singing and dancing prior to the audition?

    Ask the casting directors what their requirements are. Perhaps they want a crowd of adequate performers on stage. Maybe they want talented singers and dancers in the ensemble cast. If you know what they want, you can decide if you can deliver it. Maybe a part does not require good singing or dancing skills. A tone dead left footer might add comedy to a tired cliche role.

    Are you confident you can improve if you are selected?

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    If you do not have to sing a solo then try out if you wish.

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