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If god loves us so much why does he go through all these games and shenanigans ?  Why did he send his son to jump through hoops and die  ?

Why didn't just say he loves us and try to be nice to each other and even if you sin I still love you and forgive you and don't worry you can join me in heaven ?  Why does the most powerful entity in the universe care if we eat met on Friday or if two women love each other or if we have human doubts about him ?  Why so many mysteries and games ?  Why is he withholding so much information ?  A miracle now days would carry a lot of weight and make a lot more believers for him. Its hard to take him seriously when he's such a jokester.

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    I understand your frustration - many people feel the same way. 

    You bring up a lot of separate questions under that 1 general category of 'games' 

    So it's hard to address everything you mention in 1 answer, but here are my thoughts, none the less..........

    <<Why didn't just say he loves us and try to be nice to each other...?>>

    God DID - that was his original plan for us. Remember... 'eden' ??  It was ultimately humankind that F*#@*ed that up  and rejected God's plan. What we actually see in the book of Genesis is that immediately after Humankind rejects God and ALL his goodness -- God is actually the one who, in the midst of humankind's failures - promises that HE'LL (not us) will restore or "fix" the relationship. It is kinda like if a 2yr. old makes a mess - and their parent says "OK, I'll clean this up for you" God essentially makes the prediction/promise that a "Son" will come along who will crush the head of the serpent and set things right.  So humankind, while ejected from paradise - is given some hope and a promise that despite their failings, God will fix their mess FOR THEM.

    <<...and even if you sin I still love you and forgive you..>>

    God does - this is what sets Christianity, really apart from most other religions. Because central to Christianity is the idea that we ARE children of God and he WILL forgive us. The only problem is that 'forgiveness' to be REAL - is a 2 way street.  The wrong doer has to want and seek forgiveness in order for it to be received. It is not enough for God to simply 'forgive' in a vacuum - for the forgiveness to really matter - the other party must accept that they HAVE BEEN forgiven. Christianity teaches "hate the sin, but love the sinner" -- God DOES differentiate WHAT we do from WHO we ARE. It is the World (secular society) that wants to teach you that you ARE what you DO - that your actions ARE, truly, WHO you are and that YOU can't be loved IF you do bad things. -- But Christianity teach the exact opposite. You are TRULY a child of God - a king or queen and destined to inherit God's kingdom. Therefore, what we DO only tarnishes us - but can never change WHO we are. We only need to seek forgiveness. 

    <<Why does the most powerful entity in the universe care if we eat met on Friday>>

    He doesn't -- that is a 'discipline' - a thing that we HUMANS do to train ourselves and build up our ability to resist temptation. God doesn't 'care' whether or not we eat meat..but he does want us to have 'character' and to be able to resist temptation. HUMANS came up with the idea of giving up eating a certain food on a certain day as a training mechanism, as a practice - as a way to strength one's soul and mind. In order to improve our willpower. 

    You confuse things we do FOR God with GOD himself. 

    <<...or if two women love each other..>>

    "LOVE" is a very abused term in the English language..maybe the most misunderstood. 

    "I love pizza""I love my Mom"

    "I love my Wife"

    "I love my dog"

    "I love my job"

    We CLAIM to love a lot of things. I would argue that God isn't in the way of 'authenticate love' -- Love which leads us to self sacrifice and putting other's needs 1st. 

    God, however, cares WHAT we do with our bodies, because what we do with our bodies we also do with our minds and souls. What we do - often times leads us to desire MORE of that thing. God wants the BEST for us - so he also wants us to desire the very BEST. We are designed to worship God - but we often fall prey to worshiping other 'things' instead of him. 

    We can fall into thinking that lust, sex, jealousy, romance, hedonism, etc. is "LOVE" 

    I would argue that God has no issues with 2 women truly loving each other - but he didn't create sex just for enjoyment and doesn't promote lust and hedonism. 

    <<...or if we have human doubts about him ?>>

    Because he TRULY exists - And he desires us to walk in the light of TRUTH -- what is really true.  God is not merely a being in the Universe.. he is the SOURCE of all. He wants us to be correctly aligned with reality - to not walk around with a bunch of false ideas. IF God exists - then ask yourself WHY he'd want people to think he doesn't?

    You may not care if someone 'knows' that you exist -- but let's face it - that's because you (and me) don't really CARE all that much about MOST people -- right? (I'm know that way for sure)  But God isn't just a bigger version of us -- he DOES care because of WHO he is and because he actually DOES care about each person. If you TRULY cared about someone -- you wouldn't want them to believe things that aren't true...right?  We should actually EXPECT God to care about the truth...if he didn't..then he really isn't "God" after all, he's just a really powerful being. RIGHT?  Caring should be the default position and 'not caring' the fall back position when relationships are broken and we are weak or limited. 

    <<Why is he withholding so much information ?>>

    Is he? 


    Are we not really seeking it? Most people I know that are non-religious or fell away from the faith - haven't really pursued Philosophy and Theology all that much. They try to mostly understand things from their own limited set of knowledge. If it doesn't make sense to them - then they conclude its not true. OR if 2 or 3 aspects of belief don't make sense to them - then they conclude that the ENTIRE thing must not be true. They look for the answers within themselves and assume that if THEY can't figure it out, then it must not be all!  Where else besides Religion do we do this?  "Well there are things about Physics that I can't figure I guess ALL of Physics is a sham and NONE of the laws of Physics exist... my life will be SO MUCH simple if I simply live my life as-if Physics doesn't exist."   -- RIGHT?We'd think that was weird if someone said that...but all the time I hear people say this about God, Christianity, or "religions" in general. 

    I have so many family members, colleagues, and friends who did just that. -- They watched a few YouTube videos, or a TV show on the History channel   OR they always had some personal doubts. - Suddenly, they jump to the conclusion that NONE of it - not even 1 aspect of it is true.Ask yourself - if we did this about anything else besides religion - would it make rational sense?

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    Because God is as bound by eternal laws as we are by natural laws. Not even he can stop the inexorable workings of eternal laws like justice. He can't just pretend that sin doesn't happen.

    "Why does the most powerful entity in the universe care if we eat met on Friday ..." He doesn't.

    "... or if two women love each other ..." He doesn't, but nobody can save us in our sins, not even God or Jesus Christ. All sexual conduct outside of hetero marriage -- gay or lesbian or straight -- is sin and must be paid for somehow.

    "... or if we have human doubts about him?" He encourages us to ask questiions. He encourages us to experience him for ourselves, which is the logical thing to do. Every year millions do just that. But doubt destroys faith, which is the willingness to find out for ourselves.

    "Why so many mysteries and games?" Some things are too holy to write down or to be discussed in profane settings. Games? He doesn't play games. He is in deadly earnest trying to bring as many of us as possible into eternal life and exaltation.

    "Why is he withholding so much information?" He isn't. He has apostles and prophets on the Earth today. He loves us as much as he loves those who lived thousands of years ago.

    "A miracle now days would carry a lot of weight and make a lot more believers for him." The problem with that is that faith precedes the miracle. What, did you expect him to call a press conference? That's not the way he works. I have seen miraculous healings in response to prayer. Placebos don't work on babies.

    "Its hard to take him seriously when he's such a jokester." He's no jokester, pard. He takes every life seriously. In fact, he creates all our spirits with eternal life in mind. Many (all) are called, but few are chosen (cooperate). Not even God gets everything he wants.

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    That is answered in Isaiah 53 and 1 Cor. 15:1-4. Compare Rom. 11:33-36.

  • 4 weeks ago

    It's all nonsense.

    Religious people impart their 'god(s)' with all of their own biases, fears, and hang-ups.

    The fact that it's not obvious to more people is just sad.

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    What a caricature god you portray! You've been listening to lots of people who have never taken God's written communication to us seriously. You haven't studied it for yourself, otherwise you would know God has said nothing about not eating meat on Fridays. You would also know that it says that if people do not take that written communication seriously, neither will they believe even if someone rises from the grave, alive! Jesus arose from the grave and will judge all humanity righteously.

    God is holy and no sin enters into Heaven, neither do unrepentant sinners. Yet, in love, God has enabled free forgiveness to be given, without violating justice and law, and it's due to God, in Christ, bearing the punishment for our sins. He has done for us what we could never do to clear away all our sin, so that we can draw close to the holy God. If you want to know why God has done this, read the gospel account of John. It's no joke. It's deadly serious because our eternal welfare is involved.

    • Annsan_In_Him
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      Of course I do, but I'm not answering in order to persuade nice people like yourself, RE. I'm taking the Q as it stands, placing no judgment on the Asker and assuming it's a genuine Q. The Asker indicates belief in God or, at least, agnosticism.

  • Dooby
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    Who told you this?


    I think not.

  • Because Justice says that because of your sin you deserve to die and stand for judgment.  God is very Just

    So God did this whole thing to save you...and you are COMPLAINING?

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  • Anonymous
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    Our sins must be paid for, and only the death and blood of Jesus is acceptable payment for our sins, and Jesus already accomplished this, so we must believe in Jesus for eternal life, without adding any works, to be in heaven and not hell (Romans 4:5).

    Nobody can be good enough to avoid hell. The truth is that death leads to immediate heaven or hell, depending only on whether the person believed in Jesus for eternal life, or not.


    The truth is that Jesus loves you and wants to bless your life freely :) Most of all, Jesus wants you with Him forever, and not in hell. The truth is that every belief except one will lead to eternal torment in the lake of fire for every person. Because nothing pays for our sins except the death and blood of Jesus, the sacrifice of Jesus that is already accomplished by Him . Jesus loves you! The truth is that Jesus is God, and Jesus died on the cross to pay for all of our sins in full, and then Jesus resurrected from the dead. Nothing else pays for our sins, not works, not deeds, not religions. So the only way to heaven and to avoid hell, is by believing in Jesus for eternal life (John 6:47), without adding any of your own works (Romans 4:5). Believe in Jesus to take you to heaven, and you will be in heaven, no matter what, guaranteed. That easy, thanks to Jesus! Tell Jesus that you thank Him that you will be with Him in heaven when you die, because you believe in Jesus! It is too late to be saved, after death

    • River Euphrates
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      I understand that you believe this - but for those of us who do not, it comes off as complete and utter nonsense.

  • yesmar
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    I agree wholeheartedly.

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  • I agree with you.

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