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What current women in pro wrestling do you think could legit wrestle the men, and not really be that much of underdogs?

What women do you think could go more toe to toe with the men, take the fight to them, and wrestle them instead of mostly using their cunning, and surprise attacks? Skilled enough and maybe convincingly powerful enough to defeat them. 

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    Amazing Kong's the first name on the list for me.  She has size, strength, and power that a vast majority of main eventers lack these days.  She's nearly 6 feet tall, weighs just under 300 lbs, hits hard, wrestles well when in good health, and can take and deliver punishment and come off as unsympathetic while doing so.

    Jessicka Havok is 6 foot even, weighs around 250, and has never looked like the weaker opponent in any match she's been in regardless to the gender of the person across the ring from her.  

    Jordynne Grace may not have the height or size of the women listed above, but she's a legitimate power lifter who hits hard and moves pretty spryly in the ring.  She's almost like a female Rhyno in a lot of ways.

    LuFisto is a seasoned veteran of professional wrestling whose participated and lobbied to be in death match tournaments and intergender matches in general.  While she can play the underdog, she has a mean streak and a legitimate level of toughness to her that makes it believable that she could one up a male opponent.  While short, she's by no means petite, hits hard, and puts me to mind of a young Cactus Jack at times in the ring.Shayna Baszler is about 5'7'', but she has a legitimate MMA background, wrestles a joint targeting style that makes it hard to root for her, and hits strikes and submissions in such a way that would make you believe she's connecting or applying pressure.  While she may be the smallest name on this list, I'd liken her appeal to Pete Dunne in that despite his size, he still wrestles like a ******** who is beyond remorse.Jazzy "Alpha Female" Gabert.  Jazzy's built like a Russian villain in an '80's action movie.  At 6'1'' she'd have a few inches on the likes of AJ Styles, Finn Balor, and weighs and measures in just around Seth Rollins' stature.  Her style is brutal and she hardly ever leaves her feet.  Short of squaring off with Brock Lesnar or Braun Strowman, I can't picture a scenario where she'd be dwarfed or made to look puny.

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