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What happens if I hide when some one tries to serve me court papers?

Do they need my signature as proof of being served? I have collections threatening to sue me if I can hide until the statute of limitations runs out, will the case be dismissed?


is it illegal to say I am not who they are looking for

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    They do not need your signature. Hiding will not help. They can legally "serve" you without finding you. The case will not be dismissed.

  • Anonymous
    3 weeks ago

    WHERE?  This isn't International Law.  In MY State the only "court papers" that MUST be personally served are "court papers" that involve a divorce.  All other papers can be nail/mailed or served on a legal adult in the same residence.

    I've thrown "court papers" at the feet of people who refused to take them.

    No, it's not illegal to say you are not who "they" are looking for.  When the case goes to Court the process server will either identify you or not.  More and more process servers are using cameras to photograph the person at the door.

    My interesting story is when I knocked on a door a female answered, I asked for a male, the called into the house in Spanish "It's papers for you" and a male yelled back "Tell her I'm not here."  I speak Spanish.  I threw the papers in the door.

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  • 3 weeks ago

    No, no signature is required or requested. If the server can identify you or know you are in a structure, they can just drop the notice on the ground. The server then signs off that you have been served after which, if you don't show up in court, you will face a consequence.

  • Squid
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    3 weeks ago

    Hide all you want.  They have procedures for it.  Basically after a certain number of attempts they'll just leave a copy in your mailbox and the judge will garnish your wages or seize your bank account.

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  • 3 weeks ago

    It doesn’t need your signature. It just needs someone that knows you or can bring it to you. Cousin got served and he tried hiding but they served it to his mother anyway. 

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