What material is waterproof to make a wheelchair cover?

My niece was just given her first wheelchair lift for the back of her van. We were looking into having a personalized cover made for it. Every waterproof cover we find is black and that is so dull and boring compared to her personality. We understand that they are black to help with dirt and mud and whatever other messes it will be exposed to. But, we are looking to have one made for her that fits her specifically. I was wondering if anyone knows the type of material it needs to be made of?

When I look it up, the say polyester, but then when I search that specific material, they say that rain will leak through, and that would be awful. 

Does anyone happen to know the answer? Thank you

1 Answer

  • 3 weeks ago

    Google is your friend if you know the right terminology used for outdoor fabrics.  Look for outdoor fabrics such as GoreTex,  coated nylon, Cordura and something called " Commander cloth" also use the generic term waterproof breathable fabrics by the yard. These are highly technical and made to be waterproof yet not hot and sticky like old oilcloth and rubberized canvas.  Places that specialize in outdoor fabrics also sell seam sealants and you NEED a good seam sealants. Several also offer advice and tutorials for sewing hi tech outdoor fabrics. I can't post links on my phone but I know Rockywoods and Seattle Fabrics sell them. And I know Peak Fabrics still has lots of commander cloth because several yards are heading my way so I can see my grandson a new snowsuit for Christmas.Edit: Not on my phone now so here's commander: https://www.peakfabrics.com/fabric/shell-fabrics/c...  it comes in an assortment of colors, is as easy to sew as broadcloth, and is machine washable. It's under 20$ a yard and it's 60 inches wide so you get a lot of fabric per yard.This is 2 layer laminated waterproof: https://www.peakfabrics.com/fabric/shell-fabrics/w...  it's under 20$ and it's more waterproof than commander. It comes in nice colors and it's a bit trickier to sew. It needs this seam sealant: https://www.peakfabrics.com/fabric/shell-fabrics/s...  to be waterproof on the seams.Rockywoods has even more. Here's their page of the different waterproof breathables: https://www.rockywoods.com/FABRICS  look through the whole site. They have sample packs, seam sealant and other needfuls, patterns and so much more.

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