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What does this statement means ?

You are not sick don't worry and go see a doctor if you're worried too. Beyond this, i can't be of more help.

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    it is a bit of a mishmash, but the basic idea is that the person does not believe that you are sick, and thus you do not have reason to be worried, but even if you are still worried after I tell you this, you can go to a doctor to have a professional decide if you are actually sick.  The person is not able to do more to help you than to tell you that they believe that you are not sick.

    The total idea is that nothing you have said is a sign that you are actually, truly sick.  There is only one way to be absolutely sure, of course.  Go ask a doctor.

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    You aren't really ill and needn't worry,  but if you are worried, go and see a doctor. Beyond pointing this out, i can't be of any help.

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