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Issues with under 18 volunteering in the Uk ?

I’ve reached out to multiple different places like vets and farms to do some volunteer work but they have all said that they no longer take volunteers because of insurance?? How are people supposed to get into good unis without volunteering? I’m very confused. Can someone explain please. 

Also a load of places (especially animal related) only allow volunteers over the age of 18 so I’m really limited as I just turned 17

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  • Laura
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    2 weeks ago

    This is because of insurance stuff. 

    If you are under 18, and you get hurt doing the job they told you to do, their insurance won't cover it because you are under 18.

    Ask if your parents can sign a waiver or something and that might help. 

    There are also more places to volunteer than animal shelters and farms.

  • *****
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    4 weeks ago

    Their concern is not you "getting into a good uni", they're running a business. They don't exist for you to use them as a resume builder. Liability insurance for animal-related businesses is expensive and often will place a minimum age of those working/volunteering for liability reasons. Policies that allow minor children to be on premises can cost substantially more. Due to our increasingly litigious society, we will only see those restrictions increase as time marches on. If one of your parents is willing to volunteer alongside you, you might have success with a non-profit shelter or rescue allowing you to volunteer. Otherwise, there are PLENTY of places that don't involve animals that I'm sure would allow you to volunteer. 

  • 4 weeks ago

    Then wait till your 18. If they can't hire you because of insurance then that's that. If you want to work with animals are their shelters near you that will let you volunteer at 17? Most will let 16 years old volunteer at least in the States.

  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    "How are people supposed to get into good unis", with AAA or AAB  A level 


    Update: If you are dead certain that is what you want I'd do my A levels, get the grades in the bag. Take a gap year working in the animal care sector which will open doors for you and then apply. 

    There is a reason why they make it awkward, they want to separate the wheat from the chaff.

    • Katie
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      4 weeks agoReport

      For some courses Universities ask for good grades AND experience.

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  • Katie
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    4 weeks ago

    Ask your school/college to contact them to ask if 1 of the students can do some work experience with them.

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