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*read the whole thing!* My cousin keeps kicking around, throwing, torturing our pets and my aunt keeps getting him more?? No punishment????

He took a chicken from my grampas barn and took it to our house (my aunts house, his mom) in his school backpack and put it in his closet and it started stinking up the house. My older cousin found it, his older brother, and realized its head had been stomped in. He also drowned and cut open two guinea pigs and just recently he kicked the puppy he got into the wall so hard it went to the hospital for internal bleeding, my aunt just lied and said something to where they didnt call the cops or whatever, but it died and SHE JUST BOUGHT US A NEW PUPPY!! same breed and everything.... she doesnt think it's a big deal and Dimitri thinks its HILARIOUS. Hes also always punching us and trying to get on our backs and drown us in the pool, he rips our hair out and chased me around the house with a knife once AND MY GRAMPA JUST SAID "HES JUST PLAYING!" when I was screaming for him to help.... he just turned 11 and hes already so violent, he turns 12 next year and I'm afraid puberty will completely set him off and hes gonna kill us or something. What do I do??


Bill, I'm not a troll I promise. Yeah, I'm pretty sure my dads side of the family all has mental issues, but they dont believe in doctors, they're old fashioned greeks. I tried to tell my dad I needed to see a therapist when I was 12 because I had really bad depression, and he yelled at me saying that only crazy people go to therapy. 

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    Go to the police. That kid needs to be taken away to a mental facility before he kills someone. You are in danger there and even though foster homes are no piece of cake, at least you would not be stabbed to death. Tell the cops and tell them about the puppy since they can go check the record of that at the vets office. That was animal cruelty.

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      good advise....   chances are he probably already hurt someone....

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  • Pearl
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    3 months ago

    maybe you should tell the police about it

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  • 3 months ago

    Go tell someone about this ASAP. A school counselor, a friend's parent, even the police if it gets out of hand, just some trusted adult that will take action on this 

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  • Bill
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    3 months ago

    this has to be a troll effort or that kid has serious mental problems

    But then again from the grandpas comment maybe the whole familyb are all inbreds and all have serious mental problems

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