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Why do I have such a big appetite?

I hate having a big appetite. I hate that I can taste. I wish I had no taste buds so I wouldn't want to eat so much. I love so many foods and I'm not picky at all. I eat when I'm depressed. Because the food tastes so good. Why can't I just not think about eating? It seems like it's a bigger part of my life than it should be. I wish I could just forget about all the tasty foods. Thanksgiving is coming up. I know I'm going to eat more than my stomach can handle. Sometimes I just keep eating and I can't stop until my stomach hurts and I feel sick. But I don't care. I don't care what I put in my body. I don't care if it makes me sick or messes up my stomach. I gained so much weight in the past year. And I'm only going to continue. I look in the mirror and it shows. I feel ashamed. I feel gross. I'm a woman and I eat like a man. I wish I'd stop wasting my money on food that's just going to mess my body up. I'll never learn. 

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    There are a couple of reasons you probably have this problem:

    1. You are an emotional eater.  They biochemistry of eating certain foods actually not only tastes good but causes a dopamine surge.  You feel happy and comforted when you are eating, and get into almost an unconscious binge.  The way to deal with this issue is to deal with the underlying cause of your emotions and find healthier ways to cope with stress, sadness, etc.

    2.  You eat a lot of processed foods and carbohydrates. These foods cause your body to release a lot of insulin to transport the sugar from these foods to your cells to use as fuel.  The problem is that this starts a cycle of high blood glucose to high blood insulin that makes your body think it needs more sugar.  

    At some point you may be able to see that you really do have the power and control to choose different things.  You can choose to see food a fuel rather that a primary source of your happiness.  You can choose to only eat foods that are nutritious.  You can choose to s-l-o-w-l-y enjoy a bite or two of something scrumptious and learn not to go on autopilot when you eat.  

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    Finally someone who understands about the taste thing. I feel for you cause I'm the same way.

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    to compensate for tiny penis.

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