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New dog urinating in the house?

We just got a new dog from the shelter about a week ago. She is our first dog. She is 3 year old chihuahua mix, tiny little thing. We take her out at least every 2 hours to go to the bathroom and she always does. We also reward her with treats every time she goes outside and give her lots of praise. However... about 15 minutes after we take her outside she tries to pee inside. I walked away for about 30 seconds to the other room and she left a big wet stain in the carpet. We have to watch her like hawk or else she goes all over the floor. any suggestions?

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    How do you know she was EVER housebroken? - Many shelter dogs never were.  Unfortunately, the Chihuahua breed is notoriously BAD at ever becoming housebroken.  Or the last idiot she was with, used POTTY PADS which encourage a dog to "GO" INDOORS (but of course this becomes anywhere & everywhere, since they are a SCAM product).

    You do have to rule out a medical issue (esp since this is a FEMALE and they are very prone to UTIs.)  And, it could be another issue such as kidney or bladder stones (some of which have a dietary cause.)

    If there is no physical cause, she may be MARKING; many small breed do this, including females.  You vet can offer some advice on territorial indoor marking (or you can google it) but for now TREAT her just like an UNHOUSEBROKEN puppy & keep her: 

    1) confined by baby gates on a cleanable surface, 

    2) tethered to your waist or 

    3) crated  

    STOP giving her an opportunity to pee indoors & use a good product - like Nature's Miracle (enzymatic cleaner) when cleaning it up to help DISCOURAGE going again, in that spot.

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      i completely agree with your opinion of potty pads. we just want to be sure to try every possible idea to get her house trained. we dont want to take her back to the shelter. thank your taking the time to post your advice

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    Did a Vet clear her of any health problems before the adoption? Have you had her to a Vet for a wellness exam to see if there are any problems? It could be a uti, maybe change something about her potty times.

    being such a tiny little thing, how could she leave a big wet stain in the carpet?

    I'd get her Vet check just to make sure it isn't an infection.

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    Perhaps she is used to pee pads. At least get some and see and ween her off them if possible.

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    1. Have her checked for a bladder infection at the vet. A bladder infection can make a dog or cat need to urinate often, and urgently. Antibiotics will clear this if she has an infection.

    2. Put her in a cage and take out each hour or two. Praise heavily when she does something, bring back inside for a treat. 

    Once you begin using the cage as a training method, don't leave the dog out for more time than she can reliable hold it such as 10 minutes, AND only on a tiled surface. DO NOT scold her, but only use praise when she does something outside.

    I would suspect that if she has done something outside AND is still urinating almost right away back inside, she may have an infection. Either way, use a dog cage for training. Ask the vet for a round of antibiotics just in case.

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       thank your taking the time to post your advice. we have an appointment at the vet soon and will ask about the possibility of a UTI.

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    It would be a good idea to make sure she doesn't have a medical reason for doing this - UTIs are quite common in dogs, especially I've found, bitches.  Collect some of her urine if you can(to save having to have her catheterised) and take it, with her (fresh) to your vet.   Once you've ruled out this possibility (and bladder stones could cause this too), you have have to not give her the benefit of the doubt - in other words keep on with what you are doing - tons of praise when she empties outside, correct ONLY in the act so she understands what you are asking, and clean up mistakes without comment- she will be watching.    And when you can't supervise her, for now, confine her to the room with no carpetting, or if she's used to a crate, put her in there.

    This may well be why she ended up in a Shelter - her previous owners didn't get her properly housetrained.

    Persistence!    And a lot of patience...... 

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    it is called house training and you need to learn how to do it properly

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      The dog can be house trained easily but if you do not the correct way to do it , and you obviously don't , then take the dog back and get a gold fish

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    Probably because her last owner was a pig and used potty pads. So she's been trained to go in the house. It's hard for shelters to know if dogs are TRULY housebroken since they take them out so often to get exercise.

    You need to stay outside LONGER with her to make sure she's completely done. Run around with her in the yard. Put a leash on her and take her on a brisk walk around the block. I'm betting like most lazy little dog owners you're just opening the door, standing there and 5 minutes later letting her back in, aren't you?

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      no, we go on long walks . we live in an apartment complex which includes a dog park which we frequent. looks like you lost your bet, pay up! thank you for the advice and subtle rudeness. 

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