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I cant focus mentally or physically in school or out of school?

I try and try again to keep my grades up but i just cant. I try to focus in class but i cant i just get bored or stressed and don't do the work same with homework i try to do it but ill be like 3 minutes in and just give up and get bored so i do something else.  Ive never been good at school and have had bad grades since like 6th grade! When ever i get my report card my parents yell at me because of my bad grades. Im just so mentally and physically stressed. I get pissed off and i just wanna tell them you know i get bad grades just stop yelling it doesnt help me. what should i do?

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  • 4 weeks ago

    You have ADHD. Go see a psychiatrist and get on some Adderall and you'll be as normal as everyone else! I had the same issue in grade school and when I realized I had it, my parents didn't listen to me so I ended up dropping out of high school. Now I'm a college grad with a great job and family, all thanks to my ADHD corrected.

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