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“You’re cool” ?

Hi! I’ve had my eye on this guy for awhile now. Bear with me as I go into detail about this whooooolleeee entire ordeal lol. 

Everything started with me giving him a note saying I like him because I was too scared to actually talk to him face to face about it. I never got any feedback from it, so I assumed he just didn’t want to bring it up. So I He said he dropped it somewhere so yeah. he never read it. at least that’s what he said. but here’s the conversation laylout. 

me: “hey, can we talk?” 

Him: “yeah, sure.” 

“So did you ever read the note I gave you the other day?” 

“To be completely honest, I lost it. I dropped it somewhere.”

“Oh, well do you want to know what it said?” 

So I proceeded to tell him I like him just a “little bit” and he smiled, kinda teasing me and was like, “only a little bit?” And I felt totally embarrassed and was like, “well, more than a little.” and all he responded with is a little smile and and nod while saying, “you’re cool.” 

That slapped me in the face because I felt like him saying that was just a disguised, “hey, I’m not interested in you at all”  to let me down. Idk. What do you guys think? I’m super bummed but I also have hope about it... just a little bit of faith. I’m bummed about it... but I’ll move on in life if it doesn’t work out haha. 

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  • Ana
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    3 weeks ago

    Yeah look let me be completely honest here. He rejected you, it was very obvious, it’s obvious to me, it was obvious to you, you admitted his response felt like a gut punch and what he said was obviously a rejection. And he avoided even talking about it bcuz he had no interest in you and didn’t wanna go down that path at all...

    Furthermore HE OBVIOUSLY read the note. So if he lied and said he didn’t read it, it’s bcuz he wasn’t interested in you and was hoping you’d get the hint and drop it. 

    And honestly... it’s a little concerning that you’re not accepting the fact that he rejected you. You’re like trying to convince yourself that you still have a chance or something. That’s kind of mentally unstable if you think about it. It’s like you’re not accepting of reality. That’s dangerous. It can get you stalking charges, it can lead to you being seen as “that weird girl” in school, it can lead to you getting suspended, it can lead to you being bullied or laughed at, it can lead all sorts of bad places.

    This guy- based on his response- is clearly so far out of your league that he’s literally disgusted by you even existing. You really need to lower your standards or you’re going to be single into your 40s

    • Ana
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      3 weeks agoReport

      Yes that’s the straight answer. And unfortunately some men are cowards or dou*chebags. You can’t change them. You can only control yourself and your own behavior and actions. Have the self confidence to not be upset or hurt if they act immaturely. Just acknowledge they’re not interested, and move on

  • MCM
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    3 weeks ago

    No u r not , he’s tony telling u he likes u for a reason ( u know he lies u ) u should have a honest take just u and him, he likes u but he probably won’t show it till u guys are alone

    • Ana
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      3 weeks agoReport

      Lmao. You’re even more in denial than the asker. Don’t lie to her 

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