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Should all drugs be legalized and the revenue from taxes be used to fund universal health care?

Also, reduced expenses relating to enforcement of drug posession crimes....

Limit the police budget to serious crimes and thus the govt would have more funds avaliable for universal health care because police budget would be smaller

This is of course in addition to increasing income taxes.

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    Most illegal narcotics are illegal for good reasons. Marijuana is the exception because it doesn't cause enough harm to justify outlawing it. The government could already give healthcare to those that don't have it if they wanted to. There's no reason to legalize dangerous substances and use tax dollars for that. The simple fact is, the government doesn't care about you, me or anyone else. The only thing the government cares about is the power and enrichment of those at the top who are in control. That's how it's always been and always will be barring any major revolution. You better learn to care for yourself because nobody else will. If that sounds harsh remember these words are coming from experience. Nobody believed me or cared when I told the government that my parents abused me. As a teen on the streets in California, once again nobody cared if I lived or died, and that includes the police. Nobody cares. You better care for yourself because nobody else will. It's simply a fact. Whether you sink or swim is all up to you.

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  • How exactly does limiting the police budgets, which are handled at the state or municipal levels, contribute to the budget for universal health care, which is handled at the federal level?

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  • 2 months ago

    Portugal decriminalsed all drug use with mixed results.

    There was no increase in drug abuse, but no decrease either. 

    Offenders caught with non trafficable amounts are diverted from the courts to an assessment panel and sent for treatment if required. 

    Drugs and trafficking  themselves are still illegal so not taxable. 

    Savings are made though with lower incarceration rates and court costs. 

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    • Mel Gibson!
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      I agree, addition, of any kind is a medical problem, not criminal.
      Actual criminals make super profits because of the illegality. 

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