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Dept. of Defense Transgender Policy?

I am doing a bit of research for some training I’m putting out and a very particular scenario came up that I’m having trouble finding a solid answer to. 

Being active duty I am well aware of the latest transgender policy geared towards present and potential service members that went into effect in April of this year. What I am having trouble finding is anything on a policy for Department of Defense civilians?

For example: I am an air traffic controller, and while the majority of the controllers I work with are active duty, there is a certain number of DoD civilians that work with us. They aren’t active duty obviously (they’re all retired navy or marine controllers), they wear civilian clothes, they make more money than us (though still less than the FAA), and they obviously follow a totally different set of policies. I’ve been able to find confirmation of the FAA’s rather supportive transgender healthcare policies but nothing for the DoD. 

So what’s their policy on controllers transitioning while under their employ?

Thanks in advance! 

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  • Mrsjvb
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    3 weeks ago

    are you looking for policies on whether it is paid for under the insurance provided,, or employment retention?  

    the former is probably not covered as very few insurances do so.  the latter is less clear as currently its not a protected class so any time off to deal with pre and post-op issues would most likely fall under regular chargeable leave, not any sick leave policy (and FMLA)once all vacation is used up.  

  • Anonymous
    3 weeks ago

    Normally they wouldn't care if a DoD civilian wanted to be a chick-with-a-dick. But ATC's have to be mentally stable to perform the job, so I'm guessing they wouldn't allow it.

    • C.3 weeks agoReport

      Thanks for your answer. I’ll keep looking for sources for my training. Also, just for your information, transitioning doesn’t mean someone is unstable. Controllers that work for the FAA have been transitioning for years and not had any issues. Cheers. 

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