Am I wrong?

I thought my guy best friend liked me.  He kept standing and sitting near me, touching my elbow with his when we were sitting down, laughing at my jokes when I laughed and he rubbed my upper back when I hugged him.  He snuck glances at me and he told our mutual best friend that he likes me; that I’m beautiful and nice.  Usually guys act like this when they like you, but I have Asperger’s and I can’t read body language or the difference between sexual or romantic interest and I might have got it wrong.  

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  • DW
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    3 weeks ago

    Those of us here on Answers can't read his body language or interpret his comments. What we can read is how you experience those things, and it sounds like you think he has a sexual and/or romantic interest (even if you're afraid to commit your mind to believing you think that).

    As for deciding whether his interest is sexual or romantic or both, no one is good at interpreting that. Partly because it's hard to read, even without Asperger's, and partly because people usually try to hide their intentions until they're ready to reveal them.

    So you may have to just ask what he's thinking. That's an awkward thing to do, especially if you really misread things, but it sounds like you two are close enough that he can forgive an awkward question.

    Edit: Hmm, that's the same description you gave in another question except he was someone you just met instead of your best guy friend. I'm not sure what to make of that. 2 different guys doing exactly the same things? You're trying to get us to answer in different ways?

    If this is someone you just met, most of my answer still applies. Except for the part about you being close enough to forgive awkwardness. But that's OK, the question is a lot less awkward when you don't know him well.

    Edit again: You asked the same question *8* times. 1 time he's someone you just met. The other 7 he's a friend, usually best friend. And one of those adds a religious angle. You're not being honest with us, and since what you say is all we have to go by, I have no way of knowing if my answer is correct. Sorry. Be straight with us next time if you want a helpful answer.

  • 3 weeks ago

    OK-last post, this was some guy you'd just met. Now it's your best friend. Unfortunately, that means we'll probably decide you're a troll, and not give you real answers. 

    • kathryn3 weeks agoReport

      He’s not a stranger, he’s by best friend.

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