Need Help with COBOL program?

Hello can you help me turn this into a COBOL program please .

counter = 0//create a counter to keep track of how many processed//initialize our player attribute dataplayerName = ""playerScore = 0//will hold the number of records we havecount = 0while(1){//loop until the XXXXXXXXXX is enteredprint(Please Enter a Player Name)playerName = userInputif (playerName == "XXXXXXXXXX"){//if name is the one to exit we breakbreak;}print(Please enter a score!)playerScore = userInput//write the two values to file here//then increment countercount++}print("The number of item read in is: " + count)2. rf = openFile(fileName)sum = 0count = 0while(read(rf) != end of file){sum += golf score of current linecount++}print("We have " + count + " arguments!")print("We have an average golf score of " + sum/count)

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