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Why do some people always put you down? Say others have it worse and make out your problems are nothing ?

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  • 4 weeks ago

    People who do that often suffer from thinking people are saying "I'm better than you". They want you to keep your problem so by contrast you're not better than them. Rather than buddy system rising up together and both be better. 

    ps. The new way of shaming people into bottling up their human frailty is "First world problems".


    "My neighbor is so noisy at night."

    What you don't say is he/she's also harassed you. And you had insomnia as a child from abuse. And it feels like the walls are closing in from PTSD. Asshole responds:

    "First world problems  🙄"

    To make it worse, people like that are then Thumbs Up crusading for victims with PTSD. Total failure.

  • Because they are human, just like ju.


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