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Mirena IUD. Anyone else experience this??

I am a 23 year old with the Mirena for only 7 months and I’ve already experienced a 60 pound weight gain. My back hurts horribly and I’m extremely depressed. I have absolutely no energy and idk if it’s the IUD or me. I got pregnant on the pill so 2 months after my baby was born I got Mirena. I only gained 18 pounds with my pregnancy and when I got I got the IUD I had already lost 20. Now I’m up 60 pounds and just feel horrible, anyone else experience this??? Is it just me or my IUD, PLEASE HELP😭😭

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  • kelvin
    Lv 7
    1 month ago

    my wife has that and she hasn't gained any weight and she has had it over three years and hate too say it but if you have been having unprotected intercouse with that you just might be pregnant and if i was you i would see the doctor for a pregnancy test as i believe your pregnant again

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